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Could anybody share their eclipse formatter settings file or point me to such a file which will prevent my eclipse from doing the following thing:

when I press ctrl+shift+F to format my code, eclipse from this string:

dayArrayList.add(new Day(WeekDay.SATURDAY));

the following string:

            add(new Day  

So I want only really looooooooooong code strings be moved to next line (those, which don't fit into the eclipse window), but eclipse do this almost with all strings.
Thanks in advance!

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Simply increase the Maximum line width to let's say 140 chars?

The following formatter does this.

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that's what I wanted, thank you very much! – mr.nothing May 9 '12 at 13:17

In Eclipse go to Window->Preferences->Java->Code Style->Formatter

Then Create a new profile and in the Line Weapping Tab you have the Parameter "Maximum line width"

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You can set the maximum line width in eclipse by:

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code style -> Formatter -> Edit

On line wrapping tab, change the default 80 to your preference. Note that you will have to save as a new profile if you are changing the default one.

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