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I'm using two instances of AppMeasurement for send request,

  1. with pageName variable and
  2. without the pageName variable.

In my app for all pages, inside the viewDidAppear method, I send a omniture request with pageName variable like follow,

AppMeasurement * s1;    
s1 = [appDelegate getAppMeasurementNormalInstance];
s1.pageName = @"Main Page";
s1.products = productsVariable;
s1.events = @"event6";
[s1 track];

When I click on a button of that page, I send a omniture request without pageName variable like follow (After above request sent),

AppMeasurement * s2;    
s2 = [appDelegate getAppMeasurementClickthroughInstance];

s2.products = productsVariable;
[s2 track];

But the issue is when I send the omniture request by s2 instance, it's containing the pageName variable which is equal to the s1 instance's pageName variable like follow,

t=9/4/2012 18:14:56 3 -330
vid= 0E5DA96B0F97304E870BB6C123456789
pageName=Main Page

So I want to send that request without the pageName variable.

I tried s2.pageName = nil;. But after that omniture generates a value for the pageName variable.

So need someone's help for resolve this please. Thanx

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Custom link tracking image requests ALWAYS strip the pageName variable server-side. I'm not too familiar with the code syntax, but based on the patterns above it would look something like this:

AppMeasurement * s2;    
s2 = [appDelegate getAppMeasurementClickthroughInstance];

s2.products = productsVariable;
[s2 trackLink];

Additional information on link tracking can be found here: http://microsite.omniture.com/t2/help/en_US/whitepapers/link_tracking/index.html#Link+Tracking+-+File+Downloads,+Exit+Links,+and+Custom+Links

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Also note that no matter what, you will always see the pageName variable in the debugger (even on link tracking image requests). Since they are stripped server-side, this is intentional. –  Gigazelle May 21 '12 at 6:17
Also make sure you use clearVars() or use the TemporaryOverride option of the trackLink method as described in the manual linked above. Otherwise, the event will carry over to the next image request. –  Jazzmine Aug 3 '12 at 12:42

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