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I have noticed that both when adding or removing indexes from my PostgreSQL database, the effects ( increase and decrease in performance respectively ) take effect after 4-5 minutes. I do not do any server restart on the meanwhile.

Any idea why that happens ?

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Is it possible your CREATE|DROP INDEX statement is in a transaction which doesn't get COMMITed until several minutes later? For example, psql -1 -f script.sql would wrap the whole script execution in a transaction, so if the script made an index then did some more work that took a few minutes, the index wouldn't be visible to any other executions until the whole script completed. You also might get that behavior if AUTOCOMMIT is OFF in .psqlrc. –  dbenhur May 9 '12 at 17:38

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Most probably this happens because the auto-vacuum process kicks in and updates the statistics for those indexes (as a "side-effect").

Only if the statistics are up-to-date the planner can take full advantage of them.

Try to run a analyze verbose your_table the next time you add or remove an index on your_table and see if that immediately "activates" it. If so, then it's the updated statistics that cause this "delay"

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