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I am seeing weird behaviour in firefox. I have a small web app which uses local storage. I disable cookies and I run my app. It throws security error while accessing local storage. App does not run. On chrome app runs but a uncaught_error : QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERROR comes. Here's how I access local storage

_infSt = ((!!window.localStorage) && (!!window.atob));
    _infLJsV = window.localStorage.getItem( 'infJsV' );
    if(_infLJsV === _infJsV) {
        var strjL = window.localStorage.getItem( 'infJqN' );
        if(strjL != ''){ 
            inFjL = strjL;

in firefox 8.0 I get error while running _infSt = ((!!window.localStorage) && (!!window.atob)); on this line. In firefox 10.00 I get error while trying to atob(inFjL);

How in this world, is disabling cookie and local storage linked? Please help

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It's linked because localStorage is just cookies on steroids: it's a way to save per-site data on the user's machine permanently, with read and write access for the one site.

So if a user disables cookies (for privacy reasons, say), they really want to disable localStorage as well. That's what the browser does, therefore.

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ok, but then why security error? Is it because, local storage was disabled and a domain tried to access it? –  Shades88 May 11 '12 at 6:09
As far as I know, yes. The options at that point are to throw or to silently do nothing, basically.... –  Boris Zbarsky May 11 '12 at 15:21

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