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We're exploring the Restler framework. What we need is a custom route like:


For example, the Settings method in the Game class:

class Game {
    function settings($session, $sound=TRUE, $music=TRUE){

should map to http://hostname/12435635/game/settings?sound=x&music=y

We've managed to achieve it by hacking the routes.php file a bit, but as the file is auto-generated the idea is not very good. So, is it possible to create such routes without hacking the Restler's source or modifying the routes.php file?

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First step is to remove class name from the URI. It can be achieved by modifying the addAPIClass statement

$r->addAPIClass('Game', '');

this changes the auto generated uri structure as follows


Next step is to specify a route manually by adding a PHPDoc comment to the api method as shown below

class Game {

    * @url GET /:session/game/settings
    function settings($session, $sound=TRUE, $music=TRUE){

This will map to


This route will be added to routes.php every time it is generated in production mode :)

You may add more @url comments to create multiple routes to the same method

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