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I have an issue with my custom UITableViewController. I'm creating one during "viewDidLoad" and begin adding custom cells to it. If I touch a cell with a UITextfield and start editing, the keyboard covers this cell.
So far I have read that this is because I habe added my tableview programmatically. There are a few solutions, that listen to the keyboard events and then scroll the tableview manually, but I have found a behaviour, that I want to take advantage of.
So far: Creating tableview, no automatic scrolling.
On different occasions, I need to push a modal view. After dismissing this view: Everything works. I have a Textfield cell at the bottom of the screen and when I click it, the keyboard pushes the cell up.

Now here is the big question: What happens during this simple push and dismiss?

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tl;dr. Some code would be useful I think. And try to use notifications – Novarg May 9 '12 at 13:52
Another mystery from the ModalView & animation series, hope they will update the documentation of that topic sometimes. – A-Live May 9 '12 at 14:20

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This is one of those strange things that I got stuck on for ages and although I'm not quite sure why the keyboard will scroll for modal and not push, one way to get around it is to use TPKeyboardAvoiding. This is a simple fix, however you do need to use a xib file with the tableview in it.

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