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I have a drupal website and i am using wordpress for blog.My goal is to catch all the posts of wordpress blog to my drupal website using feed burner.I am using feeds module (drupal) but the problem is that "image tag" is not displaying in drupal site although all other contents of wordpress are showing.

Thanks you

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It's probably more of the input filters set on the Drupal side than an issue with the feed.

Check the allowed tags on the Drupal side and make sure tag is allowed.

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Thanks Bright Plum. :) I am missing the <img> tag in input filters.I added in input filter and its working. –  Fawwad Shafi May 10 '12 at 5:17

You have 2 things you can do here: There is a core module called aggregator, that should do the trick.

For images, either you have to show the path same as it is wordpress, or custom code it to save it locally and then show it.

By the way, are you saving the posts to Drupal too?

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