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I've deployed successfully BIRT Viewer 3.7.1 into a web application using Glassfish Server 3.1.2. I used the JSP taglib with a JSF 2.0 dynamic web project (v2.5). Now I'm trying to switch from Glassfish to Tomcat 7.0 Server because I'm having many display problems with Glassfish but when I execute the web page containing the JSP taglib I get this error:

The requested resource (/birt/frameset) is not available.

I think the problem is related to the deployment of BIRT Viewer into Tomcat. I'm getting this error in this two cases: - I copied the war file (birt.war) into the Tomcat's Webapps folder and I deployed it from the Tomcat manager. - I tried also to copy the WebViewerExample folder into Tomcat's Webapps folder.

For the Glassfish deployment I deployed the war file from the manager and it worked without problem. So How can I deploy successfully BIRT viewer into a Tomcat Server???

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Look at this tutorial. Here you can also find how you have to run a report.

But first make sure you can open birt example throug or http://localhost:8080/birt.

Or in your case maybe http://localhost:8080/WebViewerExample.

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