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This script is from: Sample installation: And it is the most configurable I've encountered.

I ran into a wall with just one thing I’m hoping for some feedback with. Position of subnav items – Firefox vs other browsers.

I saw the solution posted in the past included below. I replaced all “offset” with “position” in the js:

 ‘top’: ($mm_item_link.position().top + $mm_item_link.outerHeight()) – 1 +”px”,
 ‘left’: ($mm_item_link.position().left) – 5 + ‘px’

There is about a 20px difference between Firefox and all other browsers tested. IE8, IE9, current versions of Chrome and Safari.

I used Firebug to basically strip anything not required by the code related to relative or absolute positioning. Tested the css, but no dice.

Has anyone else encountered this? All the browsers tested do respond to changes to position consistently for both offset and position options. It's just the maddening difference between Firefox and all the rest. It seems like Firefox is reading something the others are not or visa versa?

Thanks Julie

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Resolved... If anyone else runs into this issue, here's how it works: – Julie Carlson May 9 '12 at 16:16
mm_item_content_obj.css({ 'top': ($mm_item_link.position().top + $mm_item_link.outerHeight()) + 3 +"px", 'left': ($mm_item_link.offset().left) - 290 + 'px' }) – Julie Carlson May 9 '12 at 16:17

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