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I have a problem with a backbone.js namespacing app demo, i'm trying to display a simple list of element stored locally, when i call the app the console retrieves this error is not a constructor

the portionof code is in the router secion;

 initialize: function () {
   console.log('App.router Initialized');
   App.clubCollection = new App.collection.clubs();
   App.clubCollection.create(new{id: 1, name:'Open Baladin', category: 'Pubs'}));
   App.clubCollection.create(new{id: 2, name:'Ai marmi', category: 'Ristorante'}));
   App.clubCollection.create(new{id: 3, name:'Branca Leone', category: 'Disco'}));


the error accoured at the fifth line in the above partion code.

this is the namespace file app.js:

window.App = {
model:  {},
view:   {},
collection: {},
router:  {},
util: {},
data: {},
contentHolder : $('#app').find(":jqmData(role='content')"),

init: function() {
    console.log('window.App Initialized')
    new App.router();

an this is the module file: = || {} = Backbone.Model.extend({

defaults: {
    'id' : 1
    'name' : 'Open Baladin',
    'category' : 'Pubs'

initialize: function() {
    console.log(' initialized');
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be sure you declare the before you use it. Try to debug a little bit with console.log. – fguillen May 9 '12 at 16:13
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You forgot à comma after 'id': 1

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yes, now i got the same error on my view...i'll check the sintax, thankyou! – davelab May 10 '12 at 8:02

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