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I have a div that has a link in it, right now if I hover over the link it chnages color, but I want to hover over the div aswell to chnage the color, here is the code:

<div class="first_product margin_right left">
<a href="/link">
</a><div class="first_product_text"><a href="/link"></a><a href="link">Automation&nbsp;<span>+</span></a></div>

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I'm all for using Jquery, but if you want to avoid it


 <div class="first_product margin_right left">
      <div class="first_product_text">
           <a href="/link"></a>
           <a href="link">Automation&nbsp;<span>+</span></a>



heres the JsFiddle

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This should solve your problem.


.first_product_text div:hover a {color:#HOVERCOLOUR;} 
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