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I have 2 models, User and Entity. I need to on my entities page, have pagination, and a simple search function. The search function will filter the entities, but the data it filters is a virtualField within the User model.

The Entity model:

public $belongsTo = array(
    'User' => array(
        'className' => 'User',
        'foreignKey' => 'user_id',
        'conditions' => '',
        'fields' => '',
        'order' => ''

The virtual field in the User model:

 public $virtualFields = array("searchFor" => "CONCAT(User.first_name, ' ',User.last_name, ' ',User.email)");

And the condition within the entity controller:

 $conditions["User.searchFor LIKE"] = "%".str_replace(" ","%",$this->passedArgs["searchFor"])."%";
 $this->paginate = array(
                'conditions' => $conditions,
                'order' => array('Re.created' => 'DESC'),
                'limit' => 20

From what I can read this is not possible because I cannot use virtualFields within a query of an associative model, and it says I must use it in "run time", but I really do not understand how to do that, or how to do that in this instance. Any ideas or a way I can get this to work?

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Have you tried it? What happens when you do? –  Dave May 9 '12 at 13:52
Oh sorry, I tried it, it says "unknown column "User.searchFor" –  Mauritz Swanepoel May 9 '12 at 13:54

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You could try attaching the virtualField to the Entity model like so

$this->Entity->virtualFields['searchFor'] = $this->Entity->User->virtualFields['searchFor'];

But you have to make sure that a join is done and not 2 queries.

I believe its discussed in the book.

Edit: Book page

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you could also use a behavior which does that for you. I believe I have seen sth like that not too long ago. –  mark May 9 '12 at 16:45
I tried your suggestion above, but got a sql error with unknown columns, what do you mean by the joins is done, within the model or should I make it a join within the controller and set recursive to -1? –  Mauritz Swanepoel May 14 '12 at 12:57
I mean that it does a join (1 query) as opposed to two queries otherwise you will get that unknown columns error. –  tigrang May 15 '12 at 2:10
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For this purpose I needed to do a search on a concatinated string from an associated model. Normally this can be done using Virtualfields in cake, but cake does not support using a virtualField from an associated model in the search.

Seeing that the 2 models were already linked with the belongsTo, I merely changed the condition to:

 "conditions" => "CONCAT(User.first_name, ' ',User.last_name, ' ',User.email) LIKE" => "%".str_replace(" ","%",$this->passedArgs["searchFor"])."%"

Probably not the most elegant solution, but it works.

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