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I'd like to change the like button design of facebook's default like button on my page, because it just doesn't fit in there and it looks horrible anyways... =)

Approach 1: Use Javascript to change design inside iframe. => Failed because the iframe is on domain "" and the script runs on my site...

Approach 2: Simply put an image over the actual button. => Always goes into background, dirty solution anyway...

Approach 3: Look at's like button (they did it nicely). => Couldn't figure out, what exactly they are doing, they're triggering some JS when the button is clicked, but I have no clue what happens then...

Can anyone think of some better solutions, or give me a hint how the 9gaggers did it? Btw, my website is, feel free to lay your hands on it... =)


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I just found this tutorial earlier today:

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Hmm... This helps to define a custom share button linking to facebook, but doesn't allow to process a like click, i.e. define own like buttons... – Cedric Reichenbach May 12 '12 at 15:09

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