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Basically I am new to using mercurial in a small team environment. I am looking for a way (3rd party if necessary to publish my change-sets/revisions to a public staging and public live server(s).

Currently I have set up on our local ubuntu server, using wildcard DNS, a directory with folders, each folder contains a project. Inside of the folder I create another folder called "repo", this stores the local clean version of my website. Then I clone from that local folder into a custom one, do my work, and push it back into the before mentioned "repo" folder.

Next that "repo" folder connects to a 3rd party site bitbucket. That's so I can work off site.

What I want to figure it out is if there are open source or something to allow me in a web interface, see my revision and select to publish it to one of the 2 server locations. I know beanstalk can do it, but I really like bitbucket and it's cost effective. I have about 15-25 different repositories.

Is my process too much? How can I make this process the most efficient as possible. I am looking for professional advice from anyone who's dealt with this kind of issue before.

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There are lots of blogs of folks using Fabric, but none with a web UI that I know of. Interested in the findings... –  brightgarden May 9 '12 at 22:18

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Are you using hgweb? It's not clear from your description that you are, and you certainly should be.

That aside, cloning from a central-ish repo to a local working clone, modifying, committing, and pushing bash to the central-ish repo sounds pretty normal.

Why use a web interface to push from your central-ish private repo to your public site? Why not just go from your working clone to the public site?

For example on my local machine (not a web server at all) in the repository for my blog I have this in the .hg/hgrc file:

default = ssh://ry4an.org/projects/unblog
publish = https://ry4an.org/hg/unblog

If I do hg pull I get changes from the private repo on my ry4an.org server in my home directory. Then I edit, commit, and hg push which again goes to my private repo on my remote server. When I want to actually publish the blog entry I do hg push publish which pushes the changesets from my local working repository to the public one (at http://ry4an.org/hg/unblog which is the live content for http://ry4an.org/unblog)

In theory I could use a web interface of some sort to move changesets from ssh://ry4an.org/projects/unblog to https://ry4an.org/hg/unblog, but sending them from my local working clone gives me better tools (hg incoming, hg outgoing, hg log, etc.)

Am I fundamentally misunderstanding your goals or was that helpful?

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It was certainly helpful, I do not fully grasp everything, because I am still trying to set up a process here with a small team. I use the mac app of source tree, and I read that I can do branches for "production" "development" etc.. Can I use the app to publish to my public dev and public production servers as well as my local shared repo? –  mattyb May 10 '12 at 13:50
You can, but you're really better off using the command line tools until you understand what they're doing. –  Ry4an May 11 '12 at 4:35

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