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Plupload/paperclip/rails 3.1.4/ruby 1.9.3

i successfully upload multiple images with Plupload, and as usual i've put in 'images/create.js.erb' code, which appends images to page.

nothing happens. even primitive alert has no visual response, but i hear how my hard disk grunts (actually i made endless cycle of alerts to hear that something happens inside :)


def create
  @image=Image.create(:photo => params[:file])
  respond_to :js


$('body').append('<%= escape_javascript(image_tag(@image.photo.url(:medium))) %>');

after each image creating, it must appear on page.

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i found the answer.


<%=@image.id %>:<%= @image.photo.url(:medium) %>


uploader.bind('FileUploaded', function (up, file, info) {
        var response = info['response'].split(':');
        var image_id= response[0];
        var image_url= response[1];
        use it as you want, my lord!..
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