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I'm developing a small PHP-MVC framework which's main principle is simplicity of use and debug and also portability, performance (above all) and ultra-easy learning curve.

Ok, so the thing is, until now, these are the includes that are almost mandatory (for most MVC frameworks) in each action:

- Controller.php (the controller class)
- View.php (the view class)
- Model.php (the model class, in my case I try no to use more than 2 models per action)
- template.php (the HTML template which is loaded by the View)
- language.php (a language file that loads translations)

In my framework, the router and the controller are in the same file, because I don't really use a router, I simply parse actions from the _GET and _POST So my idea is to try to, no matter what action is being called, never (or almost never) do more that 6 includes (include()). The idea of this is to sustain readability and performance at their best.

What you guys think? Do you think it's a good idea or not?


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Create yourself a build script and merge whatever is necessary together. Don't let your sourcecode get borken. –  hakre May 9 '12 at 14:59

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many includes are no problem, at least not with opcode caching extensions like xcache or apc. they cache the classes in memory and hold them for later usage (nearly instant).

you should plan the class interaction with something like uml and prefer single responsibility of classes and methods over using less of them.

if you like mvc you might want to look at h-mvc as it enables hierarchical controller calls using mvc. also you should try to decouple the view from the template engine.

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The point of using includes in the first place is to narrow down want you need so you don't wind up running code or defining functions you won't be using at all. Many lightweight frameworks out there build on this idea: "use only as needed". Of coarse if your framework only requires 6 files, sure it cleans up the code a bit but then you run into other problems such as loading time, functionality, usefulness, reusability, memory, readability, debugging, maintainable... It's just not practical in my opinion to force yourself down to 6 files only.

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