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There's a moving object whose imagePoints I identity at two times with two MS LifeCams on my Windows 7 PC in MSVSC++. I want to determine the distance between those two 3D points. The steps I'm using are shown. I included almost no detail since now I want to just learn if I'm using the right OCV 2.3.1 functions.

)1. calibrateCamera for each camera

output: cameraMatrix and distCoeffs for each camera

)2. simpleBlobDetect once for each camera at two times

 output: point 1 (cam1x1, cam1y1) (cam2x1, cam2y1)

 output: point 2 (cam1x2, cam1y2) (cam2x2, cam2y2)

)3. stereoCalibrate

 output: R, T, E, & F

)4. stereoRectify

this doesn't actually rectify any images but produces R1,R2,P1 & P2 so it can be done

)5. undistortPoints

output: vector of Point2f objects in rectified image

)6. perspectiveTransform

 output: vector of Point3f objects

From 30k feet are these the correct steps?

Thanks. Charles

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