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IE7 Z-Index Layering Issues

a bug on IE7 is driving me mad... the nav goes under a jquery cycle sliding panel on the homepage of this site: http://www.marshall-trailers.co.uk/

i've followed the fixes for the known IE7 z-index bug, but it still doesn't work. i've also been looking at another site i did recently http://www.dowdeswell.co.uk/ which does work!

the main css file is: www.marshall-trailers.co.uk/css/screen.css the div to loo at are: nav_container, slider_wrapper, slider

its going to be something really simple i think... can someone please put me out of my misery?!



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You just need to move that 'z-index:100' property in the '.nav_container' rule to the '#header' rule.

The z-index's of elements in IE7 are only relative to their sibling elements in the code hierarchy ...if that makes sense ;)

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unbelievable! ...thanks for making the pain stop. –  Rob Curle May 9 '12 at 16:00

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