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Is it possible to prevent users from delivering change sets to a component within a stream ?

For instance, an "Integration" stream should never see any deliver from the developers: only the integration team should be able to modify that "Integration" stream.

And yet, right now, any collaborator of the project area are able to make a repo workspace and, by changing its flow target (i.e. adding that "Integration" Stream and setting it "current"), are able to just deliver to that stream!?

How can I prevent that?

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Yes, but the restriction is rather about authorizing the deliver for anyone having a specific role, rather than restraining just one person by name.
So if that one person doesn't have a specific role associated with his/her profile in that Project Area, he/she won't be able to deliver on that stream.

You need to add a hook, through the "Operation Behavior" section, for the "deliver (server)" operation. See the illustration:

hook for deliver

The hook "Restrict Change set delivery to components in a stream" will allow only the users with the role "release_engineer" (custom role created just for our project) to deliver on the Stream mentioned in the field "Stream", for the components listed in the "Component / Permissions" array.

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Thanks, but I don't seem to have person icon on Deliver(server), its just available on Deliver(client) ? I've added an image to original question to help explain this. –  blue-sky May 10 '12 at 9:52
It seems im unable to upload images at the moment, im looking into this –  blue-sky May 10 '12 at 9:55
@user470184 make sure to set that hook within the customized "Process Configuration" of a "Team Area", not on the "Project Area" itself (where I don't think said hook is available). That was also described as such at jazz.net/library/article/215#componentadvisor –  VonC May 10 '12 at 10:32

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