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I am working on a Cross-Platform open-source project. My application is going to support Android, iOS, MAC OS X, Windows and Linux.

The first idea is to use the following code:


But it is not enough since I cannot cover iOS and Android. I think it is better to check the OS base and version to decide on the OS type. e.g. iOS is a UNIX-based operating system. so I can check the Version or some other properties to make sure it is iOS.

Since I do not have access to Android or iOS and my search was not successful, I need your help to get these versions for each OS.

Sincerely yours, Peyman Mortazavi

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How about this?

public static bool IsAndroid {
   get {
      return (Type.GetType("Android.Runtime") != null);

And perhaps:

public static bool IsIphoneOS {
   get {
      return (Type.GetType("MonoTouch.Constants") != null);

Those will I suppose only work on MonoTouch or Mono for Android, but you could use the same approach. Either that or rely on correct #define values for your build platform.

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I'd love a cross platform function that did this for me. Currently I have to create a function with ifdefs in and call the specific platform API calls in each.

#ifdef Q_WS_MACX
 return "MAC";
 return "LINUX";

Obviously I do this in C++ Qt

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