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From one of my ViewModel I have below call which fetches information from server.

 List<Customer> listOfCustomers = GetCustomerList(domain,password);

What is the best way to pass this information id listOfcustomers to another ViewModel (CustomerViewModel) in MVVM scenario.

Do I need to use Unity here , or publish using event aggregator as RichardOD said below.

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Looks like model, not view model ! –  Nicolas Repiquet May 9 '12 at 15:38

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Your login ViewModel shouldn't be getting this information. The login ViewModel is for logging in, not for pulling data. Your CustomerViewModel should be pulling that data after the user is successfully validated—likely based on the validated user name.

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A bit of a vague question, but often if you wish to communicate between ViewModels in a loosely coupled manner, then you should consider using an Event Aggregator.

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