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I have a web application, with tons of fully functional Highchart graphs.
I am trying to implement Highstock in a graph, but it is giving me a firebug error directly in the Highstock file:

this.labelBBox is undefined line 30 of Highstock.js

All my libraries are up to date (exactly the same as the demo versions online)
I cannot figure out why I am having this error, here is my code:

function generateChart10(id, dataChart, currencies){
    // create the chart
    chart = new Highcharts.StockChart({
        chart : {
            renderTo : id,
            marginLeft: 15,
            borderColor: '#FFFFFF'
        rangeSelector : {
            enabled: false
        navigator : {
            enabled: false
        scrollbar : {
            enabled: false  

        title : {
            text : ''

        series : [{
            type : 'candlestick',
            name : currencies,
            data : dataChart

My dataChart has this value:


Would anyone know why I am having this error ?

Thank you!

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The problem was just that the order of the timestamps were in reverse (new to old). So I just reversed the array dataChart and that fixed it!

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