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I got the errors from gfortran:

     write(*,'ERROR in subroutine rddist ')                                

Error: Missing leading left parenthesis in format string at (1)


 >    (nint(MOD(cld_scale*1000000.0, 1000000)) .NE. 0)) THEN               

Error: 'a' and 'p' arguments of 'mod' intrinsic at (1) must have the same type

Can you let me know what it means and the solutions? Thanks a lot.


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First: write(*,'ERROR in subroutine rddist ') is not an instruction to write the string 'ERROR in subroutine rddist '. The second argument to the write routine is a format string which ought to begin '( and end )'. Since your format string doesn't begin properly the compiler found an error there. What you probably meant to write was:

write(*,*) 'ERROR in subroutine rddist '

Now check the Fortran documentation for 'edit descriptors' to learn about the second argument to the write command.

Second: The mod instrinsic function requires that both its arguments have the same type (and kind too). You have given it a real number cld_scale*1000000.0 and an integer 1000000. Cast one of them to the other's type according to the type you want the result to be. For type casting check out the functions real and int.

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Thanks. I also can be print *, 'ERROR in subroutine rddist '. I correct the 1000000 to 1000000.0 and it works. Yes. Both its argument should have the same type and kind. –  Kuo-Hsien Chang May 9 '12 at 17:03
Well, how about write(*,'("ERROR in subroutine rddist")'). Besides, write(*,*) 'ERR...' prints a leading space while the former version does not :) –  Hristo Iliev May 9 '12 at 17:57

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