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I've installed Python3.2 for Komodo Edit 7 but can't get KE to recognise it. Under Edit, Preferences, Languages, Python 3 I've pointed it at my interpreter "C:\Python32\python.exe".

I've tried different versions of the following for a run-command, to no avail:

python3.2 "-u" "%F"

I also tried changing the default Python interpreter but it says "it's version 3.2 and won't run Python 2".

If necessary, I'm happy to replace Python 2.7 entirely with 3.2 - if someone offers these instructions.

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I had to change my PATH settings to use Python 3.2, rather than 2.7. I can leave my run-command as:

%(python) "-u" "%F"

and it uses the default (3.2) interpreter. The path can be changed from within Komodo Edit via Edit, Preferences, Environment.

Despite appearances, I don't believe it is possible to switch between Python versions in Komodo Edit 7 without changing the default interpreter. However, a simple PATH change is all that is required. [It's probably even possible to create a batch file that will switch the path between the two versions.]

I hope that this information may be of use to someone else. Andy.

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helped me out, thanks! – Holly May 18 '13 at 2:36

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