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I'm using rails-translate-routes gem to translate "front" routes only.
I'm using carrierwave to upload some files in my admin. Here's an uploader:

class CheatsheetUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  def store_dir

As you see, the path is using the name of the model and the name of the field.

When I try to get the file:

link_to "my file", download.cheatsheet.url

The path is the default one:


And Rails give me a nice Routing error:

No route matches [GET] "/uploads/download/cheatsheet/1/a_really_nice_file.pdf"

Any way to handle this?

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You can pass keep_untranslated_routes: true in your call to ActionDispatch::Routing::Translator.translate_from_file.

For example:

  no_prefixes: true,
  keep_untranslated_routes: true)
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