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I'm adding a thumbnail photo gallery to my iPhone app which will include an iPhone Photo App-like photo browser plus a detail view for each photo. So far the only thing I've found that provides this is Three20 -- the thing is that Three20 is so huge and has a complex looking API which is not a standard Apple style interface as far as I can tell.

I've also seen this post Open source photo viewer for IPhone which mentions a couple of other photo browsers -- but these don't have thumbnail galleries built in.

My question is: does anybody know of a good combination photo-browser and thumbnail gallery library which is easy to use, not excessively large and easy to customize? Cacheing is also crucial.

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I have found an answer to my own question called KTPhotoBrowser which fits the bill exactly -- just a thumbnail gallery and photo browser. Combined with SDWebImage which handles the image cacheing it appears to be a perfect simple solution that doesn't require 2 MB of code!

Update: quick to install, works with tab bar controller (example app provided!) and works like a charm. May not have all the features of Three20 but its a lot easier to use and has a much smaller footprint. TabBarController woes made the final decision, I spent several hours trying to get Three20 photo viewer to play nice with my tab controller app -- and failed! After only a half an hour of futzing I got KTPhotoBrowser working by using their tab sample app as a reference point.

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I know Three20 looks huge, but it is the best from my point of view. I also had problems to start, but I was able to make it. I have sample code here on stackoverflow and on github. Check it out, you will see that is exactly what you need.

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I actually have been trying it out -- it's just a big learning curve for a hard deadline! It looks like there is a lot of UrlRequest support but having trouble figuring out how to use it... we'll see! –  Alan Moore May 10 '12 at 13:51
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