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I am making a site with basic search functionality. Queries contain a bit of information, so I have a case class Query to contain the search information. There may be a lot of results, so I need to support pagination.

Here is the method that handles form submission. I use GET so the page is bookmarkable.

  GET  /search   controllers.Application.submit

  def submit = Action { implicit request =>
      errors => BadRequest(views.html.index(errors)),
      query => doSearch(query, 0))

The problem comes when I want to support pagination. I would prefer that the URL does not change and only a &page=i parameter is added. However, I probably don't want to go back through the submit action on the controller (but maybe I'm wrong here).

How can I provide this? If I have a seperate route for pagination, can I pass Query objects or do I need to break apart all the parameters?

My thought is that my pagination link will go to a URL similar to this:

@{, pageNo)}

Of course, I can't just submit this to my form submission action because it expects a play.api.mvc.Request[play.api.mvc.AnyContent].

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You can pass Query object if you create your own QueryBinders. You can check the ones in Play to see how to do that. Remember to add your object (the one with the implicit QueryBinders) to the variable routesImport in your Build.scala file.

Another alternative is to follow the pagination of the Computers sample (in the samples folder of Play Framework release), which uses GET requests and some parameters to move between pages.

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