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I this working Ruby code that i want to make an executable from with exerb on a windowspc. When i compile hello_world.rb there is no problem running the executable but with this code Exerb creates my executable but when i run it i get following error

undefined method `write' for File:Class (NoMethodError)

Here the code

def replace text
  replacements = [
     {:pattern => /(^ARFD0001\|.*)(FAC_12125)/, :replace_with => '\1FAC_12102'},
     {:pattern => /^ARFD0001\|121\|25\|ZIEFAC\|/, :replace_with => 'ARFD0001|121|02|ZIEFAC|'},
     {:pattern => /(^ARFD0010\|.*)(12125203)(\d{3})/, :replace_with => '\112102181\3'},
     {:pattern => /(^ARFD0010\|.*)(2030341401)/, :replace_with => '\1181701500'},
     {:pattern => /(^ARFD0019\|.*)(12125203)(\d{3})/, :replace_with => '\112102181\3'},
     {:pattern => /(^ARFD0019\|\d*\|\d*\|\d*)(\|{2})/, :replace_with => '\1|PRINT|'},
     {:pattern => /^ARFD0009\|121\|25\|/, :replace_with => 'ARFD0009|121|02|'}
  ].each{|replacement|text.gsub!(replacement[:pattern], replacement[:replace_with])}

Dir.glob("*.txt").each{|file|File.write(file, replace(}
#line above gives the error in Exerb

How to get this going ? There is nothing wrong with the code, in the Ruby interpreter this works but it seems i have to tell Execrb to include the File class.

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There is no write method on the File class. You have to first open the file and can then write to it. It can be done similar to this:

Dir.glob("*.txt").each do |file|, 'w') {|f| f.write replace(}
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if i check the File class indeed i see no write method. But then how it comes the code works in a normal Ruby script ? Tried it at home also, no problem, file is written. I'l try tomorrow at work to compile your code and see what difference it makes. – peter May 9 '12 at 22:38
You are probably dealing with different ruby versions, ruby 1.8.7 doesn't have it but ruby 1.9.3 does – fsainz Jul 26 '13 at 17:14

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