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I'm using mongoose to operate mongodb. Now, for testing, I want to inserting some data into mongodb by native connection.

But the question is how to get the generated id after inserting?

I tried:

var mongoose = require('mongoose');


var conn = mongoose.connection;

var user = {
    a: 'abc'



But it prints:

{ a: 'abc' }

There is no _id field.

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You can generate _id yourself and send it to the database.

var ObjectID = require('mongodb').ObjectID;

var user = {
  a: 'abc',
  _id: new ObjectID()


This is one of my favourite features of MongoDB. If you need to create a number of objects, that are linked to each other, you don't need to make numerous round-trips between app and db. You can generate all ids in the app and then just insert everything.

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