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How can I tell the browser to GET all images first and then show a ready page, instead of allowing the browser to render img elements and load the images after it?

I am using asp.net for server side, but the solution might be relevant to DOM and javascript.

I am expecting answers like "make a div and change the z index" or "load the images in a hidden element to start loading images earlier" or "set a header to tell browser to load images first", so this is not a question for a broad discussion.

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The solution would definitely have to be client side. I would suggest using jQuery. You can put all the images inside a <div> and set that <div> to invisible (i.e. <div id="container" style="display:none">). Then you can set an event handler for the the .ready() event, which shows the hidden <div> after the page loads:

.ready(function() {
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