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Okay, so I got an error and I believe this is the one that is Memory Management related, but what confuses me is that it doesn't point to anything specific. The program runs 100% fine on the simulator but whenever I run it on an actual device it loads up, but crashes when I hit the "start" button to initiate the program. Does anyone know how I can try to diagnose this issue?

Oh and another thing, when I try to run it under "instruments" to check for memory leaks and allocation errors, it gives me the beep-sound that says something is wrong and won't let me run the program to record.

Screenshot Of Crash

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On the left, at the bottom, that slider controls how much of each thread's stack trace is collapsed/hidden. Try sliding it all the way to the right to show the whole stack trace. It looks like you're passing NULL or nil to a string formatting function or method. – Ken Thomases May 9 '12 at 18:00
That revealed a few more threads, but nothing of significant help. Is there any way to figure out which line in my code is causing this issue? – MrHappyAsthma May 9 '12 at 18:03
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Ken Thomases was right. (see above comment) I found the error with a bunch of NSLogs to debug.

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