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Hi im retrieving some data from a database using JSON and ajax. When i grab the information i need i would like it to be displayed on a new line in the div im putting it in.

At the minute the postcodes just overwrite eachother.

              url: 'process.php',
              type: 'GET',
              data: 'address='+ criterion,
              dataType: 'json',
              success: function(data) 
                  jQuery.each(data, function()
                    $('#carParkResults').html("Postcode " + data[count].postcode);
              error: function(e) 
                //called when there is an error
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You can create a new div for each postcode and append that. You can also simplify your each loop, have a look at the documentation: api.jquery.com/jQuery.each. –  Felix Kling May 9 '12 at 17:19

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Use append / appendTo to add elements to a DOM element, without overwriting the existing children of the element.

 $('<p>').text("Postcode " + data[count].postcode).appendTo('#carParkResults');
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Cheers mate, i knew it would be something simple like that. –  lnelson92 May 9 '12 at 17:24

You need to use .append(), .html() is always going to replace all the html inside the div.

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