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Say I have some xml like

<item name=bread weight="5" edible="yes">
<body> some blah </body>

<item name=eggs weight="5" edible="yes">
<body> some blah </body>

<item name=meat weight="5" edible="yes">
<body> some blah </body>

I want to store the name of each item in a list using beautiful soup

Here's the attempt so far:

names =list()

for c in soup.findAll("item"):
    #get name from the tag
        names.append(name i got from tag)

This method has worked perfectly for extracting text between tags.

I've tried copying the methods used for extracting links <a href=""> but it doesn't seem to work.

How would I store the name information in a list? (other lists contain the body text so for associativity reasons the indexes have to be consistent).

Thanks very much

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Use dict(item.attrs).get('name') to get the name.

You are having issues since <item> is supposed to be a closing tag but it is an opening tag, hence you get 6 matches rather than 3. If you have any control over the text, please use closing tags to avoid this.

Here is the full snippet working as intended:

names = list()

for item in soup.findAll('item'):
    name = dict(item.attrs).get('name')
    if name is not None:
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Hi thanks for the help @bossylobster : It was a typo not putting the closing tags in. can i omit "if name is not None:" When I try to print out names[0] it just says "none". Do you know why that is? – RRs_Ghost May 9 '12 at 19:38
The line if name is not None is in there to account for occurrences where dict(item.attrs).get('name') returns None. This occur exactly when 'name' is not a key in the attrs dictionary. If you only have a few items, you can inspect them by hand and discover why this occurs. – bossylobster May 9 '12 at 19:50

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