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my problem here is that I have one wordpress server and the main idea is to feed this blog with other students' blog posts (in blogger).

Is there a plugin or any way to feed automatically the wordpress blog with the posts on the blogger sites?

Also, if there is not much trouble, can you explain how to enable some kind of rating to those posts in the wordpress blog so it can be filtered automatically into the main page?

Thank you for your help.

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How about something like this?

A while back, I remember using something similar which seemed more difficult to set up and required manually setting cron jobs. But, this plugin seems straight forward and is highly rated.

As for a rating system, there are tons of plugins on that handle post rating/voting. I would probably go with the highest rated that offers the features you want. If you elaborate a little more, I could probably get you pointed in the right direction.

One thing to note: I would be wary how I used content from other people/sites. Directly copying information without consent isn't nice, however even with consent there are some issues that could arise specifically with SEO and duplicate content from different domains.

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Check out posterous. It can automatically submit posts to multiple blogs. For Eg: If you email to wordpress+blogger@yourposterousemail, it will submit the blog to both.

If wordpress plugin is what you're after, Glen Ogilvie's Publisher WordPress plugin may help you, though I havent used it personally.

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