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In my project I have a requirement where in I want to alert an user with a popup whenever the inactive time is about to hit the session timeout time(For ex:5 mins in advance of session expiry), so that the user can click on continue button and programatically extend the server session.

Can any please let me know the best approach to do this?

Thanks in advance

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You can do it with javascript and coldfusion.

<!--- Minutes into MS --->
<cfset sessionTimeout = 2>

<title>Timeout Example</title>

var #toScript((sessionTimeout-1)*60*1000,"sTimeout")#
setTimeout('sessionWarning()', sTimeout);

function sessionWarning() {
   alert('Hey bonehead, your session is going to time out unless you do something!');




Taken from http://www.webpronews.com/warn-a-user-about-a-session-timeout-with-javascript-2007-01

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