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I am really stuck on this problem and I think you could help me...here is my problem :

I am working on a Seam application and I use a JSF SelectOneMenu component to display colors :

<h:selectOneMenu id="couleurCategorieMenu" styleClass="couleurCategorie" onmouseover="changeBGcolor2(this);" onchange="changeBGcolor(this);" value="#{adminCategorieAction.currentCateg.codeCouleur}">
                        <f:selectItems noSelectionLabel="Please Select ..." value="#{adminCategorieAction.plaCategTitreCodeCouleur}"  />

Now, I would want the background of my selectOneMenu to be equals to the background of the mouse overred option !

I have already done a Javascript function to change the background of my selectOneMenu according to the background of the option selected :

function changeBGcolor(couleurCateg){
            couleurCateg.style.background = 

But I couldn't find how to get the background of the actual mouse overred option :(.

Do you have any clue to do this kind of things ?

Thanks a lot in advance ;),


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Hi Remi, I'm not sure this is possible. The default <select><option> tags don't allow a mouseover event on option I think. Are you using richfaces? Maybe you can alter the rich:dropdownmenu layout and add <a4j:support event="mouseover"> on the selectitems content. Then you can fire your javascript I guess? –  gadeynebram May 23 '12 at 18:27

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