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I am changing some code from a home grown MVC to Spring 2.5 MVC. We have a form to edit an object, so I am using formBackingObject() in my controller to populate the form fields with the current values. In the old MVC, we used the JSTL fmt taglib to format date and money fields. This was nice because the formatting was in the presentation layer.

Now with Spring, the fields are populated correctly with formBackingObject(), but Spring doesn't recognize the the value attribute in the form:input element:

<%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/fmt" %>

<form:form method="post" commandName="editProgramCommand" name="editTitleForm">
  <fmt:formatNumber type="NUMBER" value="${program.price}" var="formattedPrice" minFractionDigits="2" />
  <form:input path="price" id="price" value="${formattedPrice}" />
  ... other fields

Thoughts on how to properly format values in a Spring form? I'm not finding much on the web, so I figure its either a really simple syntax error, or I'm completely on the wrong track.

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Spring form:input recognize the value of the input from its path attribute and not from the value attribute. If you see the spring form tld, there is no attribute value for the form input tag.

  1. One way which i think is format the values in the back end and bring and set it in the front end.
  2. Otherwise you can use the conventional spring:bind instead of spring form. Spring Bind Reference
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