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I have to add a biger "i like" button to my webpage due to design requirements and i'm turning nuts, i tried this method: http://www.esrun.co.uk/blog/disguising-a-facebook-like-link/ but it works as long as you are doing a equal size button (or i'm doing something wrong, wich is quite posible :P), otherways is just clickable the area were the original facebook button is.

So is it posible to change the size? i understand that facebook allows you (acording to their policy) change the size, but not the look of it, but i don't see any way to do it.

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That website you linked to is full of crap. –  JakeParis May 9 '12 at 19:06
Sorry Jake, i found this webpage here and doesn't appear anything to me, but i have a addon that blocks all the popups and i don't noticed. Thanks Matthew, sadly the webpage is offline by now, so i can't try it since you need to regist the domain to work with fblm, as soon as i will have it online i will try to do it :). –  Trifit May 10 '12 at 17:51

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