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I've got a mbox mailbox containing duplicate copies of messages, which differ only in their "X-Evolution:" header.

I want to remove the duplicate ones, in as quick and simple a way as possible. It seems like this would have been written already, but I haven't found it, although I've looked at the Python mailbox module, the various perl mbox parsers, formail, and so forth.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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This is what I used:

rm -f idcache; \
zcat archive_2012.gz  | \
formail -D $((1024*1024*10)) idcache -s | \
gzip -9c  > archive_2012-dedup.gz
  1. removes old cache entries
  2. decompresses the old file onto stdout
  3. runs formail as a filter (with 10 megabyte cache, called idcache, stdout-to-stdout)
  4. on the fly re-compresses the deduplicated stream and dumps it into the new file

After some check, I overwrite the old file with the new file.

formail is part of the procmail utilities

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I didn't look at formail (part of procmail) in enough detail. It does have such such an option, as mentioned in places like: and

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