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For my Android project I'm looking for a simple testing framework. I'll need both unit tests and integration tests frameworks.

As for now I have found three of them:

  • the default Android test framework (android.test.*) (some say it is too heavy, whatever it means)
  • robolectric, that seems to be doing a good job at enabling unit testing of Android UI
  • robotium, that seems to be tailored for integration tests (something like Selenium/WebDriver)

Are there any other options out there worth noting? What are pros and cons of those ?

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There are several other opensource options e.g. calabesh which wraps robotium and provides a higher-level programming language - cucumber. However if you're able to write Android code (i.e. in Java) and understand the basics of how Android works e.g. Activities, Intents, etc. then you've picked a good set of frameworks.

I recommend you start with the standard Android unit testing framework for your unit tests. If you're able to separate some of the classes into pure Java classes (i.e. they don't use any Android-specific code or libraries) then you can use pure Junit 3. Your tests will run much faster and don't need an emulator or device to run them in.

For integration / application level test automation Robotium is an excellent tool. It's well supported by the main developer: Renas. The Google Group is active and you're questions are likely to get answered there. There are regular updates, and it's been around and active for several years. Several other tools are no longer actively supported e.g. nativedriver which came from Google engineers.

I wrote a couple of introductory articles on Android test automation. They're a little dated, but people still seem to find them useful. They're freely available from http://code.google.com/p/mwta/downloads/list

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