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In a .c file, I want to press F2 on a function definition, yank that definition into a register put it into the .h file and add a semicolon to the line.

I've got the yanking part down.

:nmap  <F2> "aY

The rest is a problem to me.

:nmap  <F2> "aY :let@a.=";"<CR>

puts the semicolon on a newline

and I don't even know how I would address the buffer as a target. I know that :b<number> changes to one, but I don't know how to address a specific one.


nmap <F2> "aY :b12<CR>"ap A;<ESC>:b11<CR>


with :b12 being the header and :b11 being the source, but as expected, it only works by switching buffers in the current window. Isn't there a way to do this directly?

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For buffer switching part you could use a.vim plugin:

Alternatively use function like:

fun! ToggleCSourceHeader()
  if (expand ("%:e") == "c")
    find %:t:r.h
    find %:t:r.c
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