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I can't seem to get communication of jasmine and phantomjs working. I'm using the run-jasmine.js file in the examples folder for phantomjs. The problem I get is that the file can't find system so it can't require it.

This is the specific message:

undefined:0 Unknown module system for require()

On top of that, I was wondering how to get dom manipulation of the html file working with jasmine.

EDIT: It looks like the DOM issue was simple since it's just using phantom js's headless browser functionality. I still have the system problem, and I'm wondering how to call render page in between each test rather than when the page is done loading.

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I solved the issue by following the instructions on this page!topic/phantomjs/Ac-77s4kFGk

Basically if you are installing phantomjs from the debian repository it is not up-to-date. Installing the latest version from their official website does the trick.

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