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This is a Java - Selenium ( any other related technologies ?) project I need to do on the side for a friend, who volunteers at a non-profit organization. I am supposed to create an application to test their web pages. I am more into the server side of java, c, c++. My question is what are the open source technologies and frameworks available which will help me to build a robust test framework, I need to create a process for them, so that any future volunteers with basic knowledge of java and selenium can maintain, add new test cases as and when necessary. I read a little about TestNG but now sure that it is the best out there.

Please suggest best practices for building a java selenium test framework

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JMeter ( is your friend. – mazaneicha May 9 '12 at 19:29
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  1. Use Selenium 2/WebDriver as the browser automation tool
  2. Geb + Spock if you can use Groovy otherwise JUNIT + PageObject pattern
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If this is just a simple homepage without many Javascript, I recommend HTMLUnit since it's faster than Selenium. But you might be interested in Cuke4Duke for BDD style.

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Junit or TestNG is good choice for using with selenium RC. 1st you should explore ide then go for selenium RC. One good Example is available at

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