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I have two tables: references (top) and tweets (bottom):

tweet_id  class_id
2         1
5         1
6         2

tweet_id  text
1         foo
2         bar
3         baz
4         foobar
5         boobaz
6         foo bar
7         bar baz

I want to retrieve all info of tweets that are in the references table. The desired output is:

tweet_id  class_id  text
2         1         foo
5         1         foobaz
6         2         foo bar

I'm now using:

SELECT r.tweet_id, t.text, r.class_id
FROM tweets t 
LEFT JOIN `references` r ON (r.tweet_id = t.tweet_id) 
ORDER BY r.tweet_id ASC LIMIT 100

But this leaves me empty-handed when trying to fetch the tweet_id. The text, however, is displayed:

while($tweet = db_fetch_object($result)) {
  echo "$tweet->tweet_id $tweet->text"

In the resultset (checked via phpmyadmin), tweet_id and class_id for each record is NULL. What am I doing wrong?

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Nevermind :-) I should have LEFT JOIN'ed vice versa:

SELECT r.tweet_id, r.class_id, t.text
FROM `references` r
LEFT JOIN tweets t ON (r.tweet_id = t.tweet_id) 
ORDER BY r.tweet_id ASC LIMIT 100
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