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I have written a new FactoryComponentSelector which is able to resolve an instance of a specific interface by its name. So far so good. However, when it comes to configuration in the business part of our application I need a list of all names for a given interface out of the container.

Let's say we have the following registration:


container.Register(Component.For<IProviderFactory>().AsFactory(c => c.SelectedWith<CreateByNameComponentSelector>()));


Is there a way to ask the container for a list of names for all registered components implementing the interface IProvider?

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var handlers = container.Kernel.GetHandlers(typeof(IProvider));

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Yeah! This works like a charm. Thanks for the answer! –  Patrick Ineichen May 10 '12 at 6:31
IEnumerable<IProvider> providers = container.ResolveAll<IProvider>();

One remark - as Windsor docs say:

" When you're using ResolveAll be aware that it has a little bit different semantics than Resolve. It will return all resolvable components assignable to specified type, not just those that have the type registered as one of their services."

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