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Quick question for you. I have an app that I'm working on that will require the use of maps, but will not have a network connection. I have seen others ask similar questions about this, but my requirements are a slight bit different, so I wanted to post a new question.

Here are my requirements for the app.

  1. Allow pinch/zoom of a map with definable annotations
  2. Map must be available offline
  3. Map should be restricted to a certain geo area
  4. App does not have to pass Apple inspection. This is an enterprise app that will serve as a kiosk.

So, is there any framework or method of caching map tiles that anyone can suggest?

Thanks go out in advance.

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I'm affraid Caleb is right. Even if you could somehow cache map data - you'd be off terms using it. –  rokjarc May 10 '12 at 1:49
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Try using http://mapbox.com/ which has both an iOS SDK and an app for constructing offline maps.

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Check section 10.3 of the Google Maps Terms of Service and you'll find that you're not allowed to store any Google Maps content. That means that you'll need to provide not only your own map, but also replace the handy MapKit functionality. You really can't use MapKit at all for offline applications, as far as I can tell.

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Unfortunately MapKit Framework doesn't support Offline Map Access. You Should prefer MapBox iOS SDK (MapBox iOS SDK is a toolset for building maps applications which support offline caching policy, zooming limits, retina display behavior, starting coordinate, and map view dragging deceleration etc....

Find the example link

Happy Coding

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