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please bare with me. I'm a fresh CS graduate, but learning in the class room is much different than building things outside of class.

Essentially, I want to start experimenting with various social network APIs, particularly Instagram.

I'm quite lost in understanding how things connect, what requests are necessary, how to make the requests, etc.

Is there a resource online that you all would recommend me to read to understand this? I'm as far as registering a domain name.

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Thanks, but I should have clarified. I don't understand the API docs as well. As in, I don't understand the general concept of implementing APIs. @skaffman, any other tips would be appreciated. – Matt May 10 '12 at 6:09

Like others have said, one of the best resources is to check out the api documentation at

From there, you can check out a couple of the libraries that Instagram provides. I'm currently writing an app in Ruby so I use the ruby gem which could be found at They actually provide an example Sinatra based instagram app. That might help in getting your feet wet.

There's also for python which seems to also include an example.

From there once you have a basic app up, I'd try to get familiar with the API console. It helps in trying to figure out how to make calls and retrieve different bits of information.

If you Google around, you'll usually be able to find stuff that others have done with the Instagram api. It may take some time to find exactly what you'll need but it's out there. I've found helpful stuff on github repositories, stackoverflow and random blogs.

I'm also a recent CS grad and have been working on an Instagram project on my own. It's very time consuming because I'm also learning Ruby and mongodb but it has been rewarding to see my ideas come to fruition.

I hope that helps and good luck with your own endeavors.


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I'd start with their docs.

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