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Is there a way to provide a connection string to Linq-To-Sql data provider in F# from App.Config file.

I have tried the following just for testing:

let mutable connString = @"Data Source=PCSQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=NortwindDB;Integrated Security=True"
type SqlConnection = SqlDataConnection<ConnectionString = connString>

but I get an error message "This is not a constant expression or valid custom attribute value"


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The type provider itself requires a hard-coded connection string for generating the type (in your case SqlConnection) to develop against at compile time, but, you can configure the actual connection string used at runtime like so:

type SqlConnection = SqlDataConnection<"Data Source=PCSQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=NortwindDB;Integrated Security=True">
let runtimeConnStr = ...
type dataContext = SqlConnection.GetDataContext(runtimeConnStr)
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Maybe using the "?ConnectionStringName" parameter will get you where you want.

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You might also want to look at the following question which has a solution for this in answers F# Type Providers and Continuous Integration

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