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I need to validate incoming data in several controllers of a web app before storing in a DB (DBIx::Class). Basically, I need to validate the value for each column using a callback (anonymous sub). I initially thought about using Params::Validate in each controller. But this approach has two problems:

  1. There's no easy way to handle validation errors with Params::Validate, as it simply dies on the first invalid param with an error string.

  2. I have to duplicate the validation logic for every column in all the controllers, which violates the DRY principle.

I think the best way would be to make the validation logic part of the model. What's the prefered way to do this in DBIx::Class?

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I am not sure what and how exactly you want to validate your data, but did you try to use DBIx::Class::Validation for your needs? It should fit.

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To add validation callbacks to the columns metadata use add_columns in the Result class, e.g.

    '+mycolumn' => {
        validate => sub {
            my ($schema, $val) = @_;
            # validate $val, possibly using $schema

To facilitate the use of these callbacks, you can create a DBIx::Class сomponent.

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