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I've been using Symfony2 DI a lot for some of my projects recently, and just started trying Zend DI. What I can see is SYmfony2 DI is a lot better than Zend DI as it also provides the following features which don't exist in Zend DI:

  • Configure the services using XML, YML, PHP,...
  • Tag feature
  • Event/Dispatcher

Please correct me if i'm wrong?

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Give ZF2 a chance, they are still in beta. Some if not all of these features will likely be implemented at some point. –  RockyFord May 10 '12 at 9:26

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  • AFAIK zend DI can be fileld from any format that can return an array (XML, INI, YMP, PHP, NEON, even CSV maybe :D)
  • what does that do?
  • ZF2 has a powerful EventManager and Dispatching is also set up in the DI config - anything implementing Dispatchable interface can be dispatched - but I can't see how Events and Dispatching relates to DI implementation.
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